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About Us

Uuva Oy is a completely Finnish debt collection agency that was founded in 1991. As a member of the Suomen Perimistoimistojen Liitto ry, the alliance of Finnish debt collection services, we have been involved in the drafting of legislation and the activities in the field.

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[email protected]

+358 20 721 84 96

Our sales service is open 9:00–16:00 on weekdays.

Calls to our corporate numbers beginning with 020 are charged at 8.28 cent/call.

Customer Service


[email protected]

+358 9 4134 5151

Our customer service is open 9:00–16:00 on weekdays.

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Uuva laskutus kuva

Robin Baarman, myyntipäällikkö

[email protected]
050 593 5773

Uuva laskutus kuva

Myynti, vaihde

[email protected]
020 721 84 96

Myyntimme palvelee sinua arkisin klo 9.00–16.00.

020 -yritysnumeroihimme soitettaessa puhelun hinta on 8,28 snt/puhelu.