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Did you get an invoice from us?

If it is difficult for you to pay the invoice by the due date, contact our customer service as early as possible in order to agree upon a payment schedule to pay the debt in smaller instalments. We will prepare a payment schedule with you based on your situation.

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About Us

Uuva Oy is a completely Finnish debt collection agency that was founded in 1991. As a member of the Suomen Perimistoimistojen Liitto ry, the alliance of Finnish debt collection services, we have been involved in the drafting of legislation and the activities in the field.

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Our Services

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Uuva Invoicing

Uuva Invoicing is suited to your company if you want to outsource the entire invoicing process. The service includes the lifecycle management of the entire invoice including the creation, printing and delivery of the invoice, as well as payment monitoring, reminder service, and possible debt collection measures. All you need to do is to provide the grounds for the invoice to us.

The service does not require you to have your own invoicing system

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Uuva Debt collection

Uuva Debt collection is suited to your company, when the collection of receivables is frustrating or takes an unreasonable share of your valuable working time. The service includes everything from payment reminders to debt collection and reports required for bookkeeping.

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Uuva Quick collection

Submit invoices for quick collection now; select the option that best suits your needs:

  1. Send the details of the invoice by email
  2. Send the details of the invoice as an image
  3. Send the details of the invoice by filling in the assignment form
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Uuva Invoice financing

Uuva invoice financing service gives a nearly 100% financing for your sales invoices, meaning that you will receive the entire total of the invoice as a one-off payment, reduced only by our financing commission and processing fee.

You get the money immediately into your company’s bank account, enabling you to benefit from cash discounts in your own purchases. You will also be able to offer your own customers more competitive terms of payment.

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Uuva Legal

In the case of companies, legal matters principally concern the management and prevention of risks. Our legal services for corporate and consumer customers:

  • Contract and business law
  • Restructuring, corporate acquisitions, and generational transfers
  • Reorganisation and bankruptcies
  • Litigation and legal proceedings
  • Property and real estate sales
  • Compensational matters
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Confetti Oy: A flexible and reliable partner

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Customer Service


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Our customer service is open 9:00–16:00 on weekdays.

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