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Kim Heino / Hurrikaanit Ympäristöhuolto Oy: Personal service and easy management of matters


"Hurrikaanit Ympäristöhuolto Oy was founded in 1964. A generational transfer was implemented in the company in 2009 and the company’s name was changed from Lokakuljetus Oy to Hurrikaanit Ympäristöhuolto Oy. The company currently employs 45 persons and has an annual turnover of over five million euros. Every year, we complete over 11,000 assignments.Uuva Oy is a Finnish company, which influenced our selection of a debt collection agency.

Uuva Oy has a customer portal that enables real-time monitoring of the situation. The customer portal makes managing matters and communication on the progress of the debt collection process easier for both parties.

We have always received a personal service, which has enabled an easy and effortless management of matters, and has also saved time. The customer portal has made real-time monitoring of payments easier, which has prevented overlapping. In addition, we have received personal and expert advice in various debt collection cases.”


Petri Tuomela / Confetti Oy: A flexible and reliable partner

"Confetti is an importing company specialising in baking and celebration accessories that was founded in 2006. Confetti has a franchise chain of seven stores and an active online wholesale store. The company’s growth has focused on the wholesale trade, which has put pressure on the efficient management of payment transactions.

We selected Uuva Oy as our debt collection agency thanks to its cost-efficient debt collection system. In the past, the collection of small overdue invoices was unreasonably expensive and the benefit gained from debt collection was very poor. The transparent debt collection process is straightforward and easy for the customers. Communication with Uuva Oy was easy and flexible.

Now even small debt collection assignments are cost-efficient to implement. Mentioning Uuva’s name on payment reminders has had a positive impact on the payment behaviour of customers with a poor track record in making payments, and high expenses no longer postpone the transfer of unpaid invoices to debt collection. The occurrence of bad debts has been restricted to bankruptcy cases, as, otherwise, debt collection has been implemented efficiently and quickly.



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