Did you get an invoice, a payment reminder, or a debt collection letter from us?

Do not worry, things will sort out! There are times when paying the bills becomes a challenge. If you receive a payment reminder or a debt collection letter from us and you pay the invoice by the due date, the matter will be closed as far as we are concerned. It is good to remember that an unpaid debt can lead to negative credit information.

If it is difficult for you to pay the invoice by the due date, contact our customer service as early as possible in order to agree upon a payment schedule to pay the debt in smaller instalments. We will prepare a payment schedule with you based on your situation.

If you need a copy of the invoice or you have questions regarding it, we would be happy to help you. Our services are available 9:00–16:00 on weekdays.


If you want to submit a complaint regarding the debt that is being collected by us, do it immediately and in a civil manner. Complaints must be submitted in writing. Unfounded complaints and delaying the debt collection process increases the workload of the debt collection agency and, therefore, also increases the collection expenses that will be charged from you.


You can submit a complaint here.

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