Uuva Invoice Financing

Our invoice financing service gives a nearly 100% financing for your sales invoices, meaning that you will receive the entire total of the invoice as a one-off payment, reduced only by our financing commission and processing fee. You get the money immediately into your company’s bank account, enabling you to benefit from cash discounts in your own purchases. You will also be able to offer your own customers more competitive terms of payment.

Our invoice financing service enables you to

Free time  and cash quickly

Free time

Invoice financing is the easiest way to finance the operations of your company in the short term. Typically, it takes time to get the payment for completed sales into the company’s account: our invoice financing service removes this problem, enabling you to sell your invoices and providing a constant cashflow.

REduce  unnecessary administrative load


We at Uuva Oy will monitor your receivables, record received payments, and, where required, send payment reminders and implement debt collection measures. Our Uuva Online service enables you to monitor transactions where and whenever it best suits you.

Sleep  your night well


Invoice financing reduces the risk of bad debts significantly. You can sleep your night well, as we at Uuva Oy will take care of your receivables.

8 reasons to start using our invoice financing service now

  • A nearly 100% financing – we only reduce expenses
  • Enables quicker circulation of receivables – get the money into your bank account immediately
  • Enhances the liquidity

  • Helps avoid bad debts
  • No valuable securities are needed
  • Flexible – no obligation to sign a long-term contract

  • Monitoring of due dates, payment reminders, and debt collection are included in the service
  • Starting to use the service does not require changes in your company’s invoicing practice

Do you have overdue receivables that have not been paid yet?

Selling the receivables will solve your problem. We offer to buy all or some of your receivables through a single payment, which makes us the new owner of these receivables.

The sale of receivables is one way to get a one-off payment, instead of waiting for uncertain payments. Managing difficult cases yourself, i.e. doing all the work related to the administration and collection of debts, will become more expensive in the long run. Uuva has extensive experience and special expertise in debt collection, which enables an efficient debt collection process.

The type of the receivables

The receivables purchased by Uuva are typically unpaid invoices, loans, or debts to a bank, financing company, or insurance company. The receivables must not be disputed or expired.

The debtor can be a limited company, a private person, a partnership, or a private trader.


We are happy to provide additional information of our invoice financing service, purchasing of receivables, and other services related to invoice lifecycle management. Please contact us by using the contact form below or by calling our sales services +358 20 721 84 96.

The invoice financing service package will be implemented in cooperation with our cooperation partner.

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